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Worthington Woman Walks Her Solar Talk

There’s an old saying, “To the pioneers go the arrows,” and it could be used to mean, if you want to put solar panels on your historic home, you just might have to do some political leg work to get everybody on board. Such was the case with Joanne Leussing, who lives in a ranch-style home in the historic section of Worthington, Ohio. Often Central Ohioans who want to install solar panels are educated about environment issues and passionate about putting their values into action and this definitely describes Joanne Leussing. She has been an environmental activist the past twenty years and started her journey to put solar panels on her historic house last year.

In all fairness, her solar story really began with a group of concerned, Worthington residents, who knew they would need to change the city’s historic ordinances in order to adopt sustainability practices like installing solar panels. So in March 2010, the Sustainable Worthington group approached Wortington’s Architectural Review Board with a resolution to amend the historic district’s design guidelines to include sustainbility as a standard for review. The resolution (No. 14-2010) was adopted that day, but it took another six years before Joanne realized her dream of installing a solar electric system on her own home.

Then, this past summer, Joanne was especially motivated to go solar by her Gesthsemane Lutheran Church  environmental stewardship group. Three other members of this group chose Ecohouse Solar to install solar panels in Columbus, Clintonville, Linworth and Worthington. Now when her church’s environmental stewardship team gathers they share stories about their solar production data and efficiency tips.

Solar panels Columbus Ohio

Worthington, Ohio resident, Joanne Leussing with her 3.575 kW solar electric system. Photo credit: Andrew King, This Week Community News.

Ecohouse Solar knew the Architectural Review Board would be concerned with the aesthetic of Joanne’s solar installation, especially given that the majority of her 13 panels would be facing the front of her home, and therefore chose Suniva 275 W panels with a black back sheet and black frame because of its aesthetic appeal.

Joanne’s new solar electric system is now up and running and is designed to provide close to 90% of her electricity needs. She is very happy with her decision to go solar.

Check out Andrew King’s story about this historic solar installation in This Week Community News.

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