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Top Ten Reasons to Install Solar Panels This Spring 2016

10. It’s EASY with Ecohouse Solar as your turn-key solar installer. We handle all of the details like the design, engineering, solar panel installation, permitting, inspections…and even throw in some fun extras like solar production monitoring and Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC’s) sales.

9. Imagine receiving $6000 (or more!) back in your income taxes this year. With the 30% federal income tax, for a solar installation on your home or business, you will receive an income tax return at 30% of the gross cost of your solar electric system.

8. Solar panels today are very efficient and low cost. Solar technology will certainly continue to improve as it has over the last 40 years, however the solar panels that will be available next year will only be slightly more efficient than what you can buy today.

7. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is credited for launching the environmental movement and her message is stronger than ever: We need to act now to reduce the amount of toxins in our environment. What better way to reduce to the amount of carbon emissions in Columbus, Ohio, than to install solar panels on your home or business? In Ohio, over a 25 years period,  a 7.7 kW solar electric system reduces carbon emissions by 371,944 lbs of CO2! Or the equivalent planting 3.2 acres of trees!

6. Installing Solar is voting with your dollars! It’s election year and Ohio’s a swing state and Ohio’s Governor Kasich is running for President. Send Governor Kasich a strong message that you support solar and a strong Ohio economy that supports renewable energy. Ohio is one of the top solar manufacturing states.

Install solar panels with Ecohouse Solar and keep your money local.

Install solar panels with Ecohouse Solar and keep your money local.

5. Support a locally grown business and keep your money in Central Ohio. Ecohouse Solar is a local solar installer which focuses exclusively serving solar customers  in the greater Columbus region.

4. Low interest solar loans are for real. The State of Ohio has a fantastic program, called the Eco-link loan program that reduces the interest rate on a loan by 3%. With a secured loan, your interest could be as low as 1-2%! Ecohouse Solar sales associates can tell you about the entire loan process during a free solar estimate.

3. Buy your electricity at a fixed rate for the next 30+ years and get off the utility’s rate change roller coaster. Utility rates are projected to increase at 4%/year. When you install solar panels, you know how much your electricity will cost for the next several decades and you are making a solid financial investment.

2.  Our customers who install solar in the Spring enjoy the beauty of an ever dwindling electric bill as the days get longer in the summer–bringing more and more sunshine. If you are able to off-set the majority of your electric bill with solar, thanks to net-metering, you can anticipate having a zero electric bill with a credit during the summer months.

…and the number one reason to go solar in 2016 with Ecohouse Solar:

$500 off your solar installation when in contract between now and Apr. 15, 2016.

$500 off your solar installation when in contract between now and Apr. 15, 2016.

1. $500 off the gross cost of your solar installation if you are in contract on or before April 15, 2016. We know tax day isn’t as sweet as it could be, so why not make next year’s taxes a little less painful and invest in your home, your family and a cleaner, greener Columbus, Ohio?

Give us a call at: (614)456-7641 or fill out this form to set up your free estimate. We’d love to install some solar for you this Spring!



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