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Happy Solar Anniversary Clintonville!

Clintonville is the Portland of Columbus. Lots of progressive people biking, growing veggies, making their homes ecolicious and installing solar panels. It’s no wonder a lot of our solar customers live in Clintonville. In fact, this April marks the year anniversary of our friends and solar customers, David and Darlene Norman. In April 2015, the Norman’s installed 20 solar panels on their two-story home in Clintonville, so we celebrate the Norman’s first year of living and loving with solar panels and can take a look at how their solar electric installation is doing.

Solar Panels Columbus OH

Clintonville residents, David and Darlene Norman, with their 5.6 kW solar electric system.

The Norman’s certainly exhibit the qualities of our average solar customer: they care about the environment, they want to leave the world a better place for their grandchildren and they want to make a solid financial investment for their retirement years. What is unique to their story is they went solar with the support of their church’s environmental stewardship group. Three other families in Gethsemane Lutheran’s environmental stewardship group also went solar with Ecohouse Solar in 2015. It has been a great community building exercise for the members to walk their talk of environmental stewardship and offer encouragement and guideance. For example, over the lifetime of the solar panels, the Norman’s solar electric system will offset approximately 262,736 pounds of carbon dioxide being emitted into our atmosphere. Multiply that out by the other families and they have collectively offset nearly a million pounds!

Another common characteristic of solar customers–they’re nerds! So it was no surprise when David dropped by the Ecohouse Solar office with six pages of data tracking his past year’s solar electricity production. The 20 SolarWorld 280 W panels were projected to produce 6,699 kWh over the first year and thanks to David’s keen interest in tracking data and Ecohouse Solar’s perk of installing state of the art monitoring systems for the Norman’s (and all of our customers), we are able to gauge that the system is mostly on track for its projected production.

Panel level solar monitoring

Solar monitoring display for Norman family solar installation.

At the time of writing this blog, the system has produced 7.13 MWh, which is little over what was projected.

If celebrating a solar anniversary sounds like something you’d like to do, Ecohouse Solar would be delighted to install some solar panels for you. We have excellent references throughout Central Ohio and can put together a free solar estimate within a week. Please fill out our form here to set up an appointment or call our office at (614)456-7641.

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