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Ecohouse Solar Votes for Solar

Solar, like all renewables, is political. That’s why Ecohouse Solar pays attention to what is going on at that statehouse and works closely with groups like A Renewable America and Government Edge to stay abreast of  current legislation which could effect our solar customers’ environmental legacy and financial investments.

SB 320 was introduced on April 11, 2016, by Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati), who is the Chairman of the Senate Public Utilities Committee. The bill proposes an extension of the state’s freeze on renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. Senator Seitz stated that his primary goal in drafting the bill was to “faithfully implement the recommendations of the Energy Mandates Study Committee report issued last September.” The Committee’s report recommended an indefinite continuation of the freeze.

On May 17, A Renewable America convened a lobby day to meet with various members of Ohio’s state government to learn more about our Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) freeze. Kevin Eigel, Ecohouse Solar’s Owner and Founder, attended the lobby day to lend his voice to any subsequent legislation that would lift Ohio’s freeze. Kevin and other renewable energy business owners met with approximately a dozen representatives, senators and their aids to support that renewable power is a growing part of Ohio’s economy and that lifting the freeze could save consumers billions.

If contacting your representatives is something that interests you, keep in mind that Congress will be returning to their home districts for several weeks this summer, and they will be using that time to meet with constituents, attend public meetings and campaign. Legislators love opportunities to meet with their constituents, hear directly from voters, and pose for  photos in front of your shiny, new solar array! Get involved and help Ohio join the 21st century with renewable energy policy that supports sustainable, clean energy.

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