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Solar Spring Borrowing Campaign

Free money sounds pretty good, right? We think so and we are nearly there. Our solar customers can now use Keybank’s  Spring Borrowing Campaign combined with the Ohio Treasurer’s ECOlink program to get interest rates as low as 0.59%!

Solar Financing Rates for a solar installation in greater Columbus, Ohio region.

Solar Financing Rates for a solar installation in Columbus, Ohio.

These low rates, combined with waiving all origination fees, make the Spring a great time to go solar. Not only are we sliding into the summer solstice, most of our solar customers are already receiving a credit on their electric bills for the next many months–even with the AC on!

The loan process can take three-four weeks, with our partners at KeyBank doing their best to process financial paperwork quickly with the goal of keeping the whole process to under thirty days. Recent solar customers, Sara and Jeff Hager, who installed a 6.05 kW solar electric system on their Grandview home, said, “Going through the ECOlink Loan Program with the help of KeyBank was a seamless, stress-free process.  The staff of KeyBank were friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire process. They were so great that we decided to transfer all of our banking services over to KeyBank.  We highly recommend working with KeyBank as you begin the ECOlink loan process!”

If the idea of nearly free money to go solar is enticing, please feel free to give us a call, (614) 456-7641, or fill out our form here, as Ecohouse Solar would love to put together a free estimate for you.

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