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Leaving a Solar Legacy

  a gift; especially of money or other personal property
2  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past
<the legacy of clean, green energy>

Columbus Ohio Solar Panels

The Reuning’s installed 26 solar panels on their Columbus home in 2015 and have produced 12 MWh to date.

Solar continues to delight us. Not only is it clean, green energy, a solid financial investment and a cool technology, it is a gift from the present generation to future generations. It says, “I love my grandkids’ grandkids,” just about as well as anything one can do.  It is one thing the greater Columbus community can do that makes a clear difference in reducing the causes of climate change. Installing solar panels is something that Central Ohioans can do now, on their own homes so that their neighbors and friends and family can see that the homeowners care about the planet and are willing to leave a solar legacy. Many of Ecohouse Solar’s customers are buying solar panels for that very reason. And it is true of solar buyers around the world.

Ecohouse Solar was founded by Kevin Eigel to make a difference in Central Ohio in reducing climate change.  Ecohouse Solar is proud to work with our wonderful customers to make Columbus  greener and more sustainable for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  We truly value the people we work with who want to leave a legacy for future generations by installing solar panels, and reducing their carbon footprint.

If you too are interested in leaving a solar legacy, please fill out the form on our website and someone from our very dedicated team will be in touch to set up a free solar estimate.


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