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Charge Your Electric Car with Solar Power?

In Columbus and Central Ohio, it makes sense to charge your Electric Vehicle with clean solar energy. If you use electricity from your electric utility to charge your electric plug-in vehicle, most of that electricity is generated using coal or other fossil fuel. Emissions from these power plants are a major contributor to greenhouse gases and to climate change.

By installing a solar power system, you can charge your vehicle as well as power your home or business with clean energy from the sun. This is a perfect match. You can run your car on sunshine. It also is cheaper in the long run, since a solar electric system fixes your cost of electricity for 25 or more years, and makes it possible to fuel your vehicle for a much lower rate than purchasing gasoline or buying electricity from your electric utility.

When comparing the cost of gasoline to the cost of solar powered electricity, the payback for a solar power system is reduced to 4-6 years. If you use solar electricity instead of gasoline,  you will save more than $25,000 over 25 years. It’s a great investment.

In addition to installing a high quality solar power system, Ecohouse Solar can also install a 240 volt charging station so you can charge your car faster.

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Columbus Ohio Resident charges his electric vehicle with his 7.28 kW solar power system

Here’s a great article with a simple payback case study, by Jack Hedge, Principal with Design Group and solar and EV owner: