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Solar Energy News

Solar Panels Help Greater Columbus Improve Public Health

Ohio net electricity generation by source. Source: USEIA, June 2015, Electric Power Monthly.

Did you know Franklin County (and the majority of Ohio counties where data was collected) received an “F” in the American Lung Assoication’s 2016 State of the Air Report? The “F” is for our ozone pollution, which the association calculates by assigning increasing weights to the days when […]

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Authorized Solar Installer for SolarWorld Solar Panels

Solar Panels used for solar installations in Columbus, OH. © 2011 SolarWorld/Fred Joe Photo

All Solar Is Not Created Equal Ecohouse Solar is proud to be an Authorized SolarWorld Installer. As America’s solar leader for more than 35 years, SolarWorld maximizes any solar investment with proven, American-made quality, reliability and durability. SolarWorld solar panels are widely recognized as the industry standard in quality—the […]

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Leaving a Solar Legacy

Columbus Ohio Solar Panels

\’le-gә-sē 1  a gift; especially of money or other personal property 2  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past <the legacy of clean, green energy> Solar continues to delight us. Not only is it clean, green energy, a solid financial […]

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Ecohouse Solar Votes for Solar

Kevin Eigel and Sarah Straley, with Ecohouse Solar, visit Third Hand Bike Co-op's 3.3 kW solar electric array.

Solar, like all renewables, is political. That’s why Ecohouse Solar pays attention to what is going on at that statehouse and works closely with groups like A Renewable America and Government Edge to stay abreast of  current legislation which could effect our solar customers’ environmental legacy and financial investments. SB […]

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2016 Green Energy Ohio Tour

Ecohouse Solar is the Central Ohio Feature Sponsor of the 2016 Green Energy Ohio Tour.

This June, Green Energy Ohio has moved their well-known renewable energy tour from the first weekend in Oct. to the first weekend in June. Across the state, the weekend of June 3-5, Ohioans are invited to go out and “kick the tires” of renewable energy powering our communities’ […]

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Solar Spring Borrowing Campaign

Solar Financing Rates for a solar installation in Columbus, Ohio.

Free money sounds pretty good, right? We think so and we are nearly there. Our solar customers can now use Keybank’s  Spring Borrowing Campaign combined with the Ohio Treasurer’s ECOlink program to get interest rates as low as 0.59%! These low rates, combined with waiving all origination fees, make the Spring a […]

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Happy Solar Anniversary Clintonville!

Solar Panels Columbus OH

Clintonville is the Portland of Columbus. Lots of progressive people biking, growing veggies, making their homes ecolicious and installing solar panels. It’s no wonder a lot of our solar customers live in Clintonville. In fact, this April marks the year anniversary of our friends and solar customers, David and […]

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Spring Solar Events

solar panels

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “The Earth laughs in flowers,” and we love that Columbus Ohio is laughing again. The Spring is waking us up to our solar super powers, and for Ecohouse Solar the spring flowers represent our busy time of year. We have many educational opportunities for […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Install Solar Panels This Spring 2016

$500 off your solar installation when in contract between now and Apr. 15, 2016.

10. It’s EASY with Ecohouse Solar as your turn-key solar installer. We handle all of the details like the design, engineering, solar panel installation, permitting, inspections…and even throw in some fun extras like solar production monitoring and Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC’s) sales. 9. Imagine receiving $6000 […]

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Dentist’s Smile Brightens Thanks to Solar Panels

Solar panels in Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Doug Kowalczyk of Linworth Family Dental has a new reason to smile–solar panels. This March, Ecohouse Solar installed 87 SolarWorld 285 Watt panels on his dental practice in Linworth, Ohio. Dr. Doug, as he prefers to be called, had long thought solar panels are an interesting technology and […]

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