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Worthington Woman Walks Her Solar Talk

Solar panels Columbus Ohio

There’s an old saying, “To the pioneers go the arrows,” and it could be used to mean, if you want to put solar panels on your historic home, you just might have to do some political leg work to get everybody on board. Such was the case with Joanne […]

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Solar, Coal, and Sustainability

solar panels columbus ohio

Solar energy is green! We’ve heard it over and over, but what does it really mean? Solar panels aren’t going to bring back endangered species, they aren’t exactly going to replant the rainforest, but they are a great move towards sustainability. That begs the question: Why? What […]

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The Politics of Solar in Ohio

Obama loves solar

There are many recent polls in the USA that show more than 80% of US voters want to protect the environment. There is a higher percentage for Democrats and a lower percent for Republicans; yet, for the most part we all agree that it is a good […]

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Grandview Solar Powers Teachers’ Home

Solar panels

Teachers gotta teach. And Jeff and Sara Hager are teaching about solar these days. Don’t get them started!…or, ok, yes, let’s do. In fact, why not give them your Friday, Feb. 26, 5 pm – 7 pm, to hear their going solar story and see their sweet Grandview home […]

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Solar Power in Greater Columbus Ohio

solar power

Brrrr. As the winter takes hold and temperatures drop below freezing, many of our potential customers wonder, “Is it sunny enough in Columbus for me to have solar panels?…even in the winter?” Fair question.  The sunlight’s density, called solar irradiance or insolation, has been accurately measured for […]

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Rural, Central Ohioan Sings Solars Praises

Mt. Sterling, Ohio residence - 6.7 kW solar electric installation

A recent customer from Fayette County Ohio had been thinking about installing solar panels at her rural home in Central Ohio for many years. She contacted Ecohouse Solar and had the perfect site for a solar installation–no shade and a good south-facing exposure. Given the perfect location and […]

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Solar Financing in Ohio

Solar panels in Ohio

The Ohio State Treasurer’s office has a great loan program to save you money on your solar installation.  Many people are not aware that this program exists. It is called the “ECO-Link” program at the residential level and “ReEnergize Ohio” program at the  commercial level. The way the […]

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Change Is Our Choice: Creating Climate Solutions

A five-week discussion course will be taking place at the Ecohouse Solar office, Jan. - Feb. 2016.

One of the main reasons we have chosen to work on installing solar in Columbus and Central Ohio is due to our concern about our warming planet. We want to help people use less fossil fuels and reduce the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere. Installing solar panels […]

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Let’s Celebrate Solar!

Solar panels can be installed by Ecohouse Solar, 614-456-7641.

As a solar company, Ecohouse Solar pays attention to the sun and how the amount of sunlight changes throughout the year. We know the winter holidays are tied to the winter solstice – the shortest day of the year, and we celebrate that as we pass through […]

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Franklinton Family Installs 7.7 kW Solar Electric System

Solar panels

Sometimes it takes a little while to go solar. The lovely 7.7 kW solar electric installation in the photo was in the works for about a year. The Franklinton Ohio family knew they wanted solar panels, but working through their home’s project list to the solar installation took some […]

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