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If you choose to finance your system, we help you obtain a very low interest loan – usually only 1%-2%, for your solar energy system. We work with several local banks, including Key Bank,  in conjunction with the State of Ohio ECO-Link loan program to get you the best possible rate. These loans may be used for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the State of Ohio. This is one of the unique incentives for purchasing a solar electric system in Ohio.

Ecohouse Solar is continually exploring ways to make it easy for you to Go Solar. There are other solar financing options such as solar leasing and Power Purchase Agreements, however these do not currently work well in Ohio for smaller PV systems. At the present time, the best option for home owners and small businesses in Ohio is to purchase the system, either with cash or by using an ECO-link loan.

For many of our customers, they are able to purchase their system using a seven year loan. The monthly loan payment replaces their monthly electric bill and then by the end of seven years, the system is paid for and they are able to have free solar electricity for another 20-25 years. It is a smart investment. We often compare it to buying your home instead of renting it. With solar you are buying your electric production, instead of forever paying rent to the electric utility.


Ecohouse Solar installation in Worthington Ohio, financed with an ECO-Link loan