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Getting Started

Going Solar with Ecohouse Solar is easy

Getting Started with Ecohouse Solar

  • Ecohouse Solar will check the solar compatibility of your home or business during a free solar consultation and site assessment. We will determine the right number of solar panels you need depending on your electric usage, the amount of usable space you have and your budget. We then provide a detailed proposal, including 25 years of financial information, so that you can make an informed decision. Ecohouse Solar can also help you with financing using an ECO-Link loan. We serve the Columbus and Central Ohio area.
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A Solar Pathfinder is used to obtain shading data for your site.

  Design and Permitting for Solar

  – A custom solar design is completed that reflects your specific needs and the characteristics of your site.

  – Permit application documents are assembled and submitted, including plans approved by Structural and Electrical engineers.

  – Electric Utility Interconnection Agreement Application is submitted.

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Installation and Inspection

  • The Solar Panel system is installed, following all applicable State and local building and electrical codes.
  • The Solar installation is inspected by the local building department and by the electric utility.
  • The electric company approves the solar system interconnection, and may change their meter.
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Utility Meter used to calculate your homes energy consumption

  Turn Your Solar Electric system on !

– The solar system is commissioned and begins converting sunlight into electricity.

– You are able to view the production of your PV system online, using electronic monitoring.

– Sales of renewable energy credits (SRECs) begins once the system is on. Ecohouse Solar will set up the SREC sales contract.