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How Solar Works

Turning the Sun’s Energy into Electricity

Solar panels are made of silicone which has the unique ability to produce electricity when it is hit by sunlight. Even in the middle of an Ohio winter, the sunlight is strong enough for solar power! Solar panels on your home or business convert sunlight directly into DC power. The DC power then moves through electric lines to a solar inverter, where it is converted into AC power, so that you can use the solar electricity in your home or business.  Everything that uses electricity is designed to use AC power, and can be powered by a solar electric system. So you can power your refrigerator, computer, lights, clothes dryer, electric heaters, electric cars, or anything else that uses electricity with solar power.

Net Metering

Your solar power system works in conjunction with the electric grid or utility. The solar power is used first in your home or business and if there is any excess, the electric meter spins backwards and the excess power is sent to the grid. Your Central Ohio electric company keeps track of how much electricity goes back onto their system as well as how much they are still providing to you each month.  When you have solar you will receive a “net metered” electric bill and just be charged for any electricity not provided by the solar system. If the solar system produced an excess over the course of one month, you will receive a credit on your electric bill.

Upper Arlington Ohio  – 6.5 kW solar power system