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What Solar Costs

Gahanna Ohio Resident enjoys their 8.1 kW solar electric system that will offset 70% of their electricity consumption

The typical residential solar system costs $10-$20,000 after the Federal 30% Tax Credit, depending on the size of the system. Buying a solar power system is a solid investment and great option for many homeowners.

The financial benefits include:

  • Substantially reduced monthly electric bill
  • 8-12 year simple payback on your solar investment
  • 30 years or more of solar electric production
  • 16%-18% Pre-Tax Compound Annual Rate of Return over 25 years
  • Solar incentives:
    • 30% Federal Tax Credit,
    • Renewable Energy Credits,
    • Low Interest Loans.
  • Increase your property value by the amount of your solar investment

Your specific cost depends on how much solar electricity you want to produce.  There is no question that solar is a good investment and it makes sense financially, in addition to its substantial environmental benefits.  Contact Ecohouse Solar for a free estimate today.