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Success Stories

Considering solar panels for your Columbus-area home or business? See what our customers say about us!

Jim and Jill T.
Williamsport, Ohio

We are beyond happy with how things turned out.

photo 10

Williamsport Ohio Resident – 5.98 kW solar power system

Jeff and Anita R,
Plain City, Ohio

Ecohouse Solar LLC, is a privately owned local solar contractor. The owner, Kevin Eigel, is a very personable, hands on businessman. I found the quote to be fair and competitive and from beginning to end Kevin was communicative and cooperative. I have and will continue to recommend Ecohouse Solar as an excellent source for a solar power system!

Plain City Ohio Resident – 9.0 kW solar power system

Tom and Mary Lou S.
Washington Courthouse, Ohio

Ecohouse Solar was easy to work with, did a good job on time and on budget. The communication was easy and honest. I would use them again when doing another project.

Washington Court House Ohio Resident – 6 kW solar power system

Paul and Joyce W.
Westerville, Ohio

I am a very satisfied customer with our solar power system that is unobtrusive and works very well.

Wendel Family

Westerville Ohio Resident – 2.385 kW solar power system

Doug and Mary Z.
Columbus, Ohio

Going solar is a big decision and Kevin never pressured us. He provided some good advice about financing options. We considered a solar lease but decided it was best to finance through a home equity loan. Ecohouse did a great job installing. Our electric bill savings are more than paying back the loan. Going solar is great for the environment and for the pocketbook.

I encourage people to have a solar analysis. It’s free so nothing to lose. I made excuses for years and didn’t realize how doable it is.

Ecohouse Solar is a small independent locally owned business that is a responsible entity in our community. You won’t regret going solar. Our electric bill was $6 for July and August 2013 last summer. Our most previous one was $17 (for March 2014). We live in central Ohio.

Columbus Ohio Resident – 6.24 kW solar power system

Bill and Faye S.
Worthington, Ohio

We chose Ecohouse to install solar panels on our home’s roof because we liked their work on other Central Ohio homes we visited on the Green Energy Ohio tours.  Their price to install was comparable to other installers and Kevin Eigel and his team did the job in a day.  We are delighted with the system performance and to show our solar rooftop on the GEO Spring 2014 Tour and many more to come!

Spratley solar photo

Worthington Ohio Resident – 4.08 kW solar power system

James D and Linda C.
Hillsboro, Ohio

I first heard Kevin Eigel speak about solar energy systems at a conference. His presentation was very thorough, informative and helpful. After a site visit and cost analysis, we decided that his company, Ecohouse, would be the one to install our system. And our decision to contract with Kevin has turned out to be a very good one – with no regrets. Follow up assistance was important to us. Kevin helped us with securing the renewal energy credits.

photo 22

New Vienna Ohio Resident – 8.28 kW solar power system

Samuel and Emily W.
Clintonville, Ohio

I am really amazed by how fast and affordable it was to get solar installed. Kevin at Ecohouse was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to answer any questions or take care of any issues with the installation and permitting.


Clintonville Ohio Resident – 3.575 kW solar power system

Eric and Liz D.
Columbus, Ohio

My wife & I contracted with Ecohouse Solar to engineer and install a 7.015 kW PV Solar Array on our home in the Fall of 2015. Our experience with this great company simply could not have been better! Solar arrays are very complicated systems that are best left to the expertise of professionals like those at Ecohouse Solar. DO NOT attempt to DIY a large solar array. Nick & Ben (our engineers and installers) are completely competent, patient with endless homeowner question and concerns, and true believers in the need for the increased need for solar power to strengthen our country and save our world. When they finished our installation, I missed having the guys around to talk & laugh with and learn from. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!!

Solar panels in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Ohio Resident – 7.015 kW solar power system

Tom and Lea Anne K.
Columbus, Ohio

It went great!  Ecohouse Solar provided the agreed upon services and materials in a timely fashion and with knowledge and professionalism.  We’re very happy with their work, and with the results!

Columbus Ohio Resident – 3.06 kW solar power system

Joann and Philip H.
Upper Arlington, Ohio

Ecohouse Solar made a somewhat stressful decision to install solar as painless as possible. The installation was very smooth, with great attention to detail. The solar panels look great on our roof, and our system will pay for itself in the next few years. One of the best decisions we have ever made.


Galena Ohio Resident – 5.8 kW solar power system

Sheila F. and Chuck L.
Delaware, Ohio

Ecohouse Solar’s service was excellent.  They did a complete solar panel installation on our roof. We are very happy with it.  Kevin Eigel was our contact and he is very competent, knowledgeable, and experienced.  He has done a lot of energy audits, and did one for us.  We will continue to be on the Green Energy Solar Tour to show off our solar panels.

solar panels in Central OH

Delaware Ohio Resident – 7.77 kW solar power system

Michael M.
New Albany, Ohio

After only one site visit/meeting, Ecohouse was able to start the permitting process and have the solar arrayed installed in less than 30 days. This was very important in order to have the system operational before a strict cut-off date in order to take advantage of a governmental rebate program. All materials were on time, electricians were very efficient, and the site was left clean and tidy. Thanks Ecohouse!

New Albany Ohio Resident – 7.98 kW solar power system

Dr. Marlin L.
Columbus, Ohio

It’s exciting to have a solar power system, and to watch the meter spin backwards. My system is performing better than the original estimates and my home is now very close to net zero energy. I am charging an electric car as well. Ecohouse did a great job. They are professional and friendly, and I recommend them to anyone that wants to go solar in Central Ohio. I only hope that more and more people decide to put up a solar power electric system.

Columbus Ohio Resident – 7.28 kW solar power system

Thomas and Anne Marie S.
Galena, Ohio

Kevin Eigel responded to our initial inquiry in a timely manner and his presentation was professional with no sales pressure. All associated paperwork was handled by Kevin and installation was accomplished in a timely manner. There were no hidden charges or fees. The projected electric savings have been met and may actually be exceeded. Would recommend Kevin and Ecohouse Solar without reservation.


Galena Ohio Resident – 2.75 kW solar power system

Marlene and Bryan H.
Galena, Ohio

I found Ecohouse by filling out an online request for a bid. Within 24 hours, Kevin contacted me and set up an appointment to come to the house. He was very patient with us as we considered all our options- two different roof locations or a ground-mounted system. We are the kind of people who need a lot of information to make a decision and Kevin provided us with lots of data about the site, government incentives, return on investment, and so forth. Once we made the decision to go forward with the 20 solar panel ground mounted system, the process was very smooth. Kevin took care of all the paperwork, including permits and inspections. We’ve worked with many contractors over the years and I can say that Ecohouse was the best! Good communication, quality workmanship in a timely manner. We are now enjoying watching our electric meter run backward and the kids love to check in with the website that monitors our production. I sing the praises of Ecohouse to all my friends.

marlene and bryan

Galena Ohio Resident – 2.75 kW solar power system

Success Stories June 29, 2014